10 Landscape Design Trends That Are In Vogue In The Gardens Of New South Wales

In many aspects of life in New South Wales, some trends come and go, which will be in such niches as cooking, fashion, home furnishings, and the subject of this article, landscape design. It is true that if you were to look at landscaping, designed and created ten years ago, it would include many features that were in vogue then but which today might not get any consideration whatsoever.

The reasons landscaping trends alter can result from influences worldwide, whereby a celebrity’s garden is highlighted on TV, and suddenly, many landscape designers get requests for those same landscaping features the celebrity had in their garden.

Alternatively, there can be local factors where residents can view other landscaped gardens in towns and cities across New South Wales and see something new they like. Before you know it, many homeowners in that area are asking for those trending landscape design features.

So, as you read this, you might wonder what is currently trending in the world of landscaped gardens in New South Wales. Keep reading as lonepinelandscapes.com.au highlights ten landscape design trends in vogue in the ‘Premier’ state’s parks.

Fancy Fencing: Whilst fences have always served a valuable and necessary practical function, current landscape designs in New South Wales increasingly use them to create impressive and unique fencing. In some cases, they can almost be classed as sculptural; such is their extravagance.

Colour, Colour, Colour: Gardens have always been a place where colours can be seen, but more recently, it seems as though New South Wales’s homeowners want to take colour levels even higher. That is why you will see more vibrant examples of red, purple, orange and yellow fauna throughout the state.

Minimal Management: Surely part of the joy of having a landscaped garden is maintaining it? Well, not according to New South Wales’s okay people, as there has been a switch towards landscape designs, which require minimal maintenance or management.

Eco-Friendly Gardens: Global warming and everything that goes with it impacts every area of our lives, and landscaping is the latest to find its designs, making gardens that are more organic and have less of a negative impact on the environment with recycled products’ usage being more widespread.

Outdoor Living: It seems that homeowners in New South Wales want their gardens to be home-from-home with more designs incorporating outdoor living spaces. This means increasing numbers of alfresco dining areas, sitting areas, and even relaxation and sleeping areas forming part of landscape designs.

Mediterranean Influences: The Mediterranean might be around 10,000 miles from Sydney, but that does not stop the city’s and the broader state’s landscape designs from being influenced by it. In particular, terracotta-coloured features inspired by Greek gardens are highly popular.

Green Walls: No, we do not paint them green but instead use foliage to make the walls within and on the boundaries of a garden to be that colour. This is also an opportunity for vertical gardening, another popular trend.

Home Produce: Gardeners have consistently grown produce to an extent, but recently, the desire for vegetable, herb, and fruit gardens within a landscape design has been gathering significant pace amongst the residents of New South Wales.

Hardscaping With Design: Hardscaping, such as paving and walkways, has always looked nice, but it had more practical use in gardens. Not anymore, because some highly creative designs for hardscaping are now being seen in landscaped gardens across the state.

Techno-Gardens: We do not mean techno as in electronic dance music but techno as in technology whereby modern landscape designs increasingly utilise the latest technology at both the design stage of the garden and the features that are included within it.