Caring for Your Dental Implants

Caring for Your Dental Implants

When you get dental implants from the experts at, you may not think you need to stay on top of your oral care routine as much as you used to. After all, the teeth aren’t real, so surely, they don’t require as much attention? The opposite is true. Your dental implants may not be your natural teeth, but they do need proper attention to keep them in the best condition possible. These tips below may help.

After the Procedure

The immediate aftercare of your dental implants is as crucial as the ongoing care. In the first 24 hours after your procedure, refrain from moving around excessively and keep your head elevated. You may also like to keep an icepack on your face for short periods and eat only soft foods.

Avoid rinsing your mouth, and take any medications prescribed by your doctor for pain and infection control. If you notice bleeding, bite down on the sponges that your dentist would have placed in your mouth to assist.

Use a Different Toothbrush

You may be used to using an ordinary toothbrush with your regular teeth, but that might have to change. Some hard-bristled brushes can scratch your dental implants, which means swapping to a nylon toothbrush can be the best thing you can do for your teeth.

A nylon brush tends to be gentler on your teeth than other models and is less likely to scratch your implants.


7 Criteria Which Determine If You Are A Candidate For Lasik Eye Surgery

7 Criteria Which Determine If You Are A Candidate For Lasik Eye Surgery

There is no doubt that the popularity of laser eye treatments such as Lasik eye surgery is increasing as more and more people wish to end the need to wear glasses and contact lenses to correct their vision. It has proved to be a success for millions around the world, and the fact that the recovery time and any discomfort is minimal makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

We say everyone, but we should caveat that by saying everyone who is suitable for Lasik eye surgery. Unfortunately, not every individual will be a suitable candidate, given the number of criteria that have to be met before a surgeon will consider doing the procedure. The experts at have let us know some of the criteria – here they are and what they mean.

Healthy Eyes

The first criteria, and probably the most obvious is that your eyes must be in a healthy condition. Incidentally, the fact that your vision needs to be corrected in the first place does not make them unhealthy. What does, are conditions such as dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis eye injuries, and eye infections, all of which make Lasik eye surgery questionable, and even if it is possible, the recovery time may be longer.

Your General Health

The main concern with regards to your overall health are any conditions or medications that you might be taking that could interfere with or compromise the healing process taking place in your cornea, following Lasik eye treatment. Conditions that can weaken the immune systems include type 1 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, although there are many others.


What to Consider When Engraving

What to Consider When Engraving

Visiting your favourite Perth Jeweller is always a special occasion. Often, you walk out with a beautiful little gift box containing something you’ve wanted for a long time, which always offers the feel-good factor. If, however, your visit this time is to buy a beautiful piece then engrave it for someone else, then prepare for it to mean even more than it usually does. Here are a few things to consider before you get the engraving process underway.

Jewellery Type

It makes sense for the first consideration to relate to what you are buying. Is it a ring for engagement, marriage, or friendship? Is it a bangle or bracelet for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or, is it a watch to celebrate a momentous occasion, such as buying a new house or getting a promotion at work? Engraving is suitable for all types of events, but you first need to buy a piece of jewellery that will suit.


DIY Blackhead Removal

DIY Blackhead Removal

Not everyone likes to put harmful creams, lotions, and potions on their skin to take care of blackheads. Instead, a growing number of people are selecting to look for natural skin care products and DIY blackhead removal tips to help take care of the problem. Fortunately, there are tonnes of options – not only to take care of those pesky blackheads but any number of skin imperfections at the same time. Are you looking for the answer? It might be any one of these options below.


Blackheads aren’t pimples you need to pinch and squeeze. Instead, they are skinless pimples exposed to the air, making it easy to be able to clean them out and remove them with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, many harmful products on the market can exacerbate the problem rather than fix it.

You can do your skin a favour and get rid of the blackheads by exfoliating. You also don’t have to use harmful synthetic products. Instead, you can go down the organic skin care path with homemade exfoliants such as salt, baking soda, sugar, water, and lemon juice forming a gritty exfoliate to clean out those pores naturally.

Honey Mask

While a honey mask is a sticky and messy way in which to remove blackheads, it’s a practical and organic skin care technique that will have you throwing your harsh chemical products away and lessen chance of opting cosmetic procedure. All you need to do is dip your fingers into sticky organic honey, then pat it on your blackhead-ridden skin.


Why Wear a Latex Waist Trainer?

Latex Waist Trainer

Because there are so many waist trainers on the market from which to choose, it can become overwhelming to know which will work best for you. Below, we cover the benefits of a latex waist trainer – a preferred option for women from around the world.


When you first put on a waist trainer, it’s not uncommon to feel slight discomfort. After all, you’ve gone from not wearing one to all of a sudden wearing one, and the transition period can be tough to accustom to. However, if you choose a latex waist trainer, becoming used to wearing it takes barely any time at all.

They are soft and supple, they mold to your body’s shape, and you can wear them against your bare skin opposed to just over your clothing. As a result, you are more likely to feel snug and well tucked in opposed to uncomfortable.

Achieve Your Body Goals

Many people choose to purchase waist trainers for many reasons, but the most common reasons tend to be a slimmer look, a flatter tummy, and a change in body shape. As latex waist trainers tend to mold to your body with far more efficacy than that of another type of material, you can benefit from a more straightforward slimming process.


What’s Wrong with Aging?


Our culture is obsessed with youth. Only youth is desirable. Once you get “older,” you’re “out.” Everywhere I look, there are these books and articles: “Beating back the clock” – “Ageless body ” – “Stay young forever” – “Banish wrinkles!” – and so on and so forth. Scientists say we could possibly live to be 200, 300 years old. Cosmetic surgery is now so common that you seem out of it if you don’t have it done.

Give me a break! Have you ever tried beating back a clock? With what? And how can the body be “ageless” if it so clearly shows the stages of infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood? I don’t want to stay young forever; I’d be completely mortified if I remain, say, twenty years old, and all my friends turn 40, 50, 60 — would it mean I also didn’t learn anything?


The 3 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


There are many different types of cosmetic surgery and these days more people than ever are exploring what options are available to help them look their best.

Having cosmetic surgery is usually considered ‘optional’ but in some cases it is a necessity. For instance, if your nose has been badly broken due to an injury, cosmetic surgery will restore its shape back to what it once was, or near to it.

But what are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures done today?


What IPL is Used For


Conventional lasers only use one wavelength, while IPL uses several different ones, depending on the type of machine and the kind of filters used. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a type of light treatment similar to a laser, used to treat the skin for a number of different problems. It differs from the laser in that filters are used in conjunction with the light to ensure it reaches a specific target in the skin. In addition, the pulsing effect – on and off in rapid succession – means that less damage is caused to the skin.

IPL is used to treat several different skin conditions: –


10 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Botox Injections

Botox Injections

Many women get upset when wrinkles appear and make them look older than they are. They turn to cosmetic surgery options in order to stay looking younger for as long as possible.  If you are considering having Botox injections to smooth out those wrinkles it is a good idea to know exactly how to get the best results. Here are 10 tips to help you.

  • Consult with a registered and experienced cosmetic surgeon and only be treated by someone whose ideas are in line with yours. If you don’t like that ‘frozen’ look and your doctor does it will mean that your dream of a smoother yet natural face may remain just that.
  • Always tell the doctor what medications you are on, including vitamin supplements and herbal remedies, even if they are over the counter medications. Some of these have a blood thinning effect and the doctor may require you to go off them some days before treatment to minimise bruising.


The Botox vs. Dysport Debate

Botox vs. Dysport

For many years Allergen, the makers of the product used in a Perth Botox procedure, had the market all to themselves, at least in the US and Australia.  But in Europe there is a competitor whose product is known as Dysport. This has now come into the rest of the world, so if you are not happy with your Botox results, there is another product to try.  It does the same as Botox; prevents the nerve in the muscle from causing movement, thus also preventing wrinkles.

Dysport is made from botulinum type A the same as Botox is. In what other ways is it the same?


How to Get the Best Results from Liposuction

Best Results from Liposuction

Liposuction is not a weight loss regime; it is done to remove lumps and bumps of fatty tissue that look unsightly, but it is really for sculpting the body shape, not to lose weight. That said, some weight loss will occur after it because during the procedure fat is sucked out of the body.

After the procedure you will find that there is swelling and some hardness as the body works to break down and get rid loosened fat deposits that were not removed. This can last up to 6 months, depending how comprehensive the liposuction was. But often swelling has all disappeared by 3-4 months. There are some things you can do both before and afterwards to help get the best results from your liposuction procedure.


Side Effects of Juvederm Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

As with any product that is used on or in the skin, there can be side-effects. One person may have none at all, while the next person could have a serious reaction. Much depends on what the product is and what the person’s genetic make-up or health history is. Some side effects are very rare, but they do exist so should be mentioned, while others are more common, but less likely to be severe. Here are some of the side effects of dermal fillers using Juvederm.

Severe or milder allergic reaction to either lidocaine or the bacterial proteins that comprise part of the product. This can be anaphylaxis at its severest, a form of toxic shock that is life-threatening.

If you have a history of allergies it is wise to avoid using dermal fillers, or at least have a test to see if you are allergic to it.