Planning Ahead for Your Holiday


When you plan ahead for any holiday you tend to save money and it certainly saves a lot of stress because you know ahead of time just where to go and what to do. According to travel website Luxury Villas Bali planning ahead for your villa holiday is no different. While it is closer than many other destinations, Bali is still another country, which means there are things you must have with you to even be allowed in. So here are some tips to help you plan ahead and be prepared.

  • You will need a passport for travel to Bali, but not everyone realises that each passport must have at least six months before the expiry date, otherwise you will be sent back home. While this rule may seem silly, it is a rule and no exceptions will be made, so you must make sure that your passport is updated ahead of time. Travel documents should be kept safe in your carry-on luggage.

  • Travel insurance is essential for any overseas trip and going to Bali is no exception. You will be doing things that you don’t usually do, so accidents can happen. Sickness can overtake you unexpectedly, so be prepared or you might be in debt for thousands of dollars. Make sure your insurance also covers the travel to and from Bali as well as all the activities you intend to participate in.
  • Vaccinations are a necessity in a place where malaria and rabies are both lurking, not to mention many other tropical diseases. We don’t realise how lucky we are in Australia to have few such diseases. Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne disease – no vaccination for it. Typhoid and Hepatitis A & B should also be taken into consideration, although some people don’t bother with vaccinations for them; they put themselves and their families at risk. Japanese Encephalitis and Cholera are two other diseases that can be rampant at certain times of the year; the former is a risk if visiting paddy fields.
  • Accommodation must be booked ahead of time as everyone knows, but don’t just grab the first that springs to mind; a hotel room. In fact, hotel rooms can be noisy, hot and restricting. Why not think about booking a Bali villa where you can spread out and relax with many of the same mod cons as a hotel, but in a house of your own. You can choose options such as a chef to cook the evening meals, baby-sitting, chauffeur, housekeeping, laundry and so on. A villa is ideal for a family or a group of friends who like being together in the same house. You can get 1-10 bedroom villas so it should not be difficult to find one that suits.

Once you get organised you will be able to enjoy the thought of your holiday as well as the real thing, when it is time to go.