Where to Go on Your Next Budget Holiday

Next Budget Holiday

People tend to flock to Bali because they are convinced it will give them more bang for their buck than other places, but in fact there are other holiday destinations that offer even more affordable accommodation and food, while still others are at least comparable. So if you have been to Bali and would like to expand your horizons, here is a list of budget holiday choices you are sure to enjoy.

  • The only trouble with Cambodia is that you might feel guilty for paying so little for your accommodation, food and even drinks. If you want luxury without the usual price tag, you can find it in this delightful country that is now considered quite safe for travel, even if it once was not. And entry into Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, a UNESCO world heritage listed site is only around $22 per day. It is double that for 3 days, worth it due to the size of the place.


7 Benefits of Bali as a Holiday Destination

Bali as a Holiday Destination

Bali is a popular holiday destination for many people because it is not all that far as overseas trips go, and so you get to spend more time on holidaying and less time on travelling. But there are many other benefits of visiting Bali for a holiday. Here are some of them.

  • Bali has affordable accommodation for those on a budget. It also has luxurious accommodation for those that want to give themselves a treat. You can also get somewhere in the middle if you choose Easy Bali Villas for your accommodation which is like staying in a real house. There are villas to suit any number of people up to about 10 which makes a holiday with mates much more fun – and affordable if they all pay their share.


5 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday


Bali is a place that is popular with most Australians as a holiday destination. While everyone loves a good holiday, far too often their time away is spoiled by sickness or accident which could have been avoided had they taken just a little more care. Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy your Bali holiday.

  • Get good accommodation. According to holiday booking experts Easy Villas, if the noise and four walls of hotel accommodation tend to keep you awake, try one of the many villas available for rent. This is like a luxurious home that is not too close to other residences so you will not hear a lot of traffic, talking or laughing into the wee hours. Getting enough sleep will help you enjoy your days of fun much more than if you were feeling frazzled and weary. Being tired also makes you confused and so you may be more likely to fall for a scam or not be alert enough to know when other danger is present.


Planning Ahead for Your Holiday


When you plan ahead for any holiday you tend to save money and it certainly saves a lot of stress because you know ahead of time just where to go and what to do. According to travel website Luxury Villas Bali planning ahead for your villa holiday is no different. While it is closer than many other destinations, Bali is still another country, which means there are things you must have with you to even be allowed in. So here are some tips to help you plan ahead and be prepared.

  • You will need a passport for travel to Bali, but not everyone realises that each passport must have at least six months before the expiry date, otherwise you will be sent back home. While this rule may seem silly, it is a rule and no exceptions will be made, so you must make sure that your passport is updated ahead of time. Travel documents should be kept safe in your carry-on luggage.


4 Reasons Why Insurance is Essential for Bali Travel

Insurance is Essential for Bali Travel

If you are travelling overseas to any country you should really get travel insurance. If something happens to you while you are out of Australia it can cost a great deal and you may have to go into debt or depend on family or friends to get you out of trouble. It is far better to spend that little extra on insurance for your Bali villa holiday and have peace of mind that it covers you for everything – so long as you made sure of this before you signed up.  Here are 4 important reasons why travel insurance is essential.

  • It is not only the possibility of injury or health problems that insurance is needed for. What about your iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or other valuables that could get lost, stolen or damaged? If you are travelling for business, the information on those items could be as valuable to you as the actual device. It’s a good idea to copy it all to an external hard drive and have that stored separately, or left with someone you can trust. But having insurance will take care of the cost of replacing your devices and other valuables.