Where to Go on Your Next Budget Holiday

Next Budget Holiday

People tend to flock to Bali because they are convinced it will give them more bang for their buck than other places, but in fact there are other holiday destinations that offer even more affordable accommodation and food, while still others are at least comparable. So if you have been to Bali and would like to expand your horizons, here is a list of budget holiday choices you are sure to enjoy.

  • The only trouble with Cambodia is that you might feel guilty for paying so little for your accommodation, food and even drinks. If you want luxury without the usual price tag, you can find it in this delightful country that is now considered quite safe for travel, even if it once was not. And entry into Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, a UNESCO world heritage listed site is only around $22 per day. It is double that for 3 days, worth it due to the size of the place.

  • Why not go to Ireland? Here, beds in some of the central Dublin hotels cost just slightly more than $10, so even if the airfare is more than you would pay to get to say, Bali, you stand to save on the accommodation. And if you go to Galway, it is usually around 20% cheaper than Dublin. In Ireland you can walk with the deer in Phoenix Park, check out ancient manuscripts in the Chester Beatty Library and enjoy the vibrant night life almost anywhere, not to mention snap some amazing scenery.
  • Sri Lanka offers an idyllic location where you can be treated like royalty for around $42 a day, including accommodation, dining facilities, a Jacuzzi and an on-call butler to serve champagne. While tourists have been enjoying Sri Lankan hospitality since the 1960’s it is still somewhat on the sidelines of tourist destinations meaning it is not as expensive. You can tour state temples and monasteries, enjoy the beaches, watch for whales and dolphins, snorkel to see turtles or visit their hatchery, buy souvenirs and go on safari.
  • Enjoy Argentina, the world’s 8th largest country. If you stay away from the main drag you can get by on around $42 a day. The nightlife is fun and vibrant. Patagonia in the south has some of the most spectacular scenery as well as the southernmost city in the world which is a drop off point for visitors to the Antarctic, Tierra del Fuego. See penguins, whales, dolphins and other sea creatures in Peninsula Valdes, a nature reserve protected by UNESCO.

There are many more countries to see that are affordable for those on a budget, so don’t limit yourself to just one place, but get out of that rut and explore the whole world.