Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Landscaped Garden A Simple Makeover

Whenever a resident of New South Wales invests in hiring landscapers so that they can have a new garden that they and their family can enjoy, they need to be aware that once the garden is completed, they will need to undertake, and in some cases, pay for the garden’s maintenance.

The maintenance level and associated costs will depend on factors such as the complexity of the landscaping, the plants therein, and the size of the garden. Now, there will be some homeowners in New South Wales who carry out the maintenance of their garden diligently and others who are maybe not so keen; however, in both cases, there will come a point where their garden needs a bit of a revamp, with the difference being how soon in each case.

By revamping, we are not suggesting that they go to their landscaping company and ask for a completely new landscape design, but instead, they give their garden a bit of a makeover to give it a fresh look and feel. This could be done by spending lots of money, however, what we are going to do here is to try to save the good people of New South Wales some of their hard-earned cash by highlighting some inexpensive ways to give their landscaped gardens a makeover.

Pruning Overgrown Plants

Some ways to revamp your garden include tasks that should be carried out as maintenance, but if this has been neglected, they must be done now. Some of these come under pruning, but it covers more than simply snipping off a few dead leaves. Look around for overgrown plants, dead plants, discolored flora, overhanging branches, and anything else making your garden look untidy, and get rid of them by pruning, trimming, or removing them.

Weeding Where Necessary

Another essential makeover task that should have been done previously is the weeding of your garden. Not only do weeds look unsightly, but they also present a huge risk to the well-being of the plants in your garden that you want there. Weeds deprive those plants of nourishment and water, and they can also play host to a throng of harmful pests and bugs.

Repairing The Lawn

Given that the lawn is often the centerpiece of the landscaped garden, it is critical that it is in a healthy condition and looks good. If not, you need to take steps to repair your lawn, which can extend to reseeding or even replacing areas of turf that are damaged beyond repair.

Wash And Replenish Pebbles

For those gardens with pebbles forming part of them, this is an excellent opportunity to bring them back to looking their best. For larger pebbles, spray them with vinegar and leave them for 5 minutes before washing them with water. Smaller pebbles should be placed in a net or a mesh container and washed with water.

Clean And Repair Anything That Needs Them

Here, you walk around your garden cleaning everything and making a note of anything, including furniture, ornaments, fencing, or water features, that has been damaged and needs repairing. We are trying to do all this with as little expenditure as possible so, unless absolutely necessary, do not replace anything if it can be repaired.

Seal Paving And Other Hardscapes

By using sealant on hardscapes, not only do you enhance their appearance, but crucially, you are protecting them. You do so by first cleaning the hardscaping and allowing it to dry. Once the hardscaping is dry, you can apply the sealant to it. One caveat is to ensure everyone living with you knows they cannot walk on the hardscaping until the sealant is 100% dry.

Oil/Stain Decking, Fencing etc

You can give any wooden features within your landscaped garden, such as fencing, benches, and decking, a new lease of life by oiling or staining them. Note you should rub down any wood first to make the surface ready.