Welcome to the Alaska Health Education Library Project.

What is it?

The Alaska Health Education Library Project (AHELP) is an electronic clearinghouse of current health promotion and health education resources that are specific to and available in Alaska. It contains information on health promotion programs, projects and materials and more.

Who is it for?

AHELP is designed to serve professionals in the field of health promotion and health education, as well as other public health professionals. It is intended to assist the professional in their everyday job and promote sharing, networking and collaboration.


Find out what is going on around the state in health promotion, chronic disease prevention and injury prevention – searchable by topic area, target audience and key word.


A library of health education materials such as pamphlets, posters, publications, audiovisuals, curriculum. Find out what they look like and where to get them – searchable by type, topic area, target audience and keyword.


Find key contact people in health promotion program areas in Alaska. Join the AHELP email discussion group to share current information or discuss the latest issues.


Find out what health observances are current and what health promotion training and events are going on in Alaska.


Find more organizations in Alaska that serve as resources for health and safety education. Connect to clearinghouses, health statistics, more useful health information and gateways to national health promotion resources.

Why should I use it?

AHELP is convenient and easy to use! One central clearinghouse for finding health promotion information and reliable resources will save time and money when planning and implementing health promotion programs and activities.

How do I use it?

You will need access to the Internet to be able to search AHELP for information and resources on-line. Information contained in the Alaska Health Education Library will also be available in other formats.

Who me?

Yes, you can share your information with others If you have implemented special health promotion programs or projects, or developed special health education materials such as posters, pamphlets, curriculum or work books – you will want to include this information in the clearinghouse. Simply go to the on-line entry forms.