5 Positive Reasons Why Funerals Are So Important After The Loss Of A Loved One

Whilst what funeral directors do as part of organising funerals involves many practical matters, such as planning the route, arranging for the required number of cars, and even booking the church for a religious funeral, they also have a role that involves advising, counselling, and consoling those who have been bereaved.

Following the death of a loved one, especially a sudden death, the immediate family of the deceased will be experiencing an array of emotions, including grief, anger, despair, and confusion, to name but four. Given that a funeral director might be one of the first people a family speaks to outside their immediate circle, it is safe to say funeral directors can help them in many ways.

One way that might manifest itself is in explaining to the family, not just in practical terms, such as how a funeral can be organised, but in a more meaningful and mindful way as to why the funeral is so vital in helping them move on from the loss of their loved one. Here are five reasons why a funeral is meaningful for those who have lost a loved one.


What are Ancient Grains?

Have you heard of Ancient Grains? This is a modern term created to help us distinguish authentic grains that have not been manipulated by modern agriculture as opposed to high-yield mass-produced genetically modified grains. Ancient grains contain higher amounts of amino acids, vitamins & minerals & fibre than today’s genetically modified processed grains.

The Best 5 Ancient Grains

1. Senatore Cappelli

Senatore Cappelliotherwise is known as Italian durum wheat. This large, more rigid golden wheat is ideal for whole-grain traditional Italian pasta recipes. Senatore Cappelli is the entire grain & should not be confused with common wheat used in baking bread. This wheat ancestor still contains gluten & is not recommended for coeliac or wheat sensitivity.


6 Physical Signs of Money Stress

6 Physical Signs of Money Stress

Your financial advisors may tell you that some of the most noticeable signs that you’re struggling with your money are that you don’t have enough of it to cover your bills and you’re not finding it easy to prioritise your payments or even consider retirement planning.

However, the signs of money stress can go far beyond what’s immediately apparent by looking at your accounts. It can start to present itself as physical signs of stress, such as these below.


Anything can cause a headache, such as a sensitised brainstem and triggers like particular food and beverages, exercise, and travel. However, money stress is most certainly something that can see the onset of a headache.

A study involving 267 people experiencing chronic headaches determined that in 45 percent of cases, a stressful event preceded it. Stress intensity was also thought to be linked to an increase in how many headaches some people experienced each month.


It can sometimes feel like you’ve just got over a cold or the ‘flu before you’re immediately back under the bed covers once more. A weakened immune system that makes you more susceptible to some illnesses can be caused by stress.


9 Ways Playing Virtual Darts Can Boost Your Health And Wellbeing

Augmented Reality for Darts: Unlocking a New Dimension of Fun

You may have heard about a recent phenomenon that has seen new venues sprout up in various towns and cities, and that phenomenon is augmented darts. It marries up state-of-the-art technology with the traditional game of darts which has been around for over 100 years, to create an activity that is fun, fulfilling, and in many cases highly competitive when a virtual darts league match is being played.

There are lots of reasons why people might play virtual darts with the majority of them being associated with a social occasion, however, virtual darts does provide several benefits for both your physical and overall wellbeing. Read on and we will explain nine of these so that the next time you are invited to play virtual darts, you can do so with the knowledge that apart from having fun, your wellbeing is also being catered for.

It Gets You Moving: We are not going to insult your intelligence and suggest that playing virtual darts is on the same physical level as jogging or swimming, however, it is certainly better than sitting in front of the TV, and you do have some physical activity when throwing and walking to and from the dartboard.


Important Advice For Parents Of Toddlers Who Do Not Speak

One of the reasons why parents of a toddler will contact a speech therapy centre for advice is when they fear their child has language issues as they are not speaking. For parents of toddlers who show no inclination to speak it can be worrisome, especially when other toddlers the child mixes with, seem quite happy to chat away, even if not everything they say makes perfect sense.

The first advice we would give is that if your toddler has reached 18 months and is not saying any words, then have them assessed by a speech pathologist. What a speech and language assessment will do is indicate if a toddler requires speech therapy.

If your toddler’s assessment indicates speech therapy for them, please do not panic. Children all develop at different rates and each element of their development will differ from other children of a similar age. Simply needing speech therapy does not mean your child is in any way “backward” or has learning deficiencies that will hinder their long term education.


How Family Of New Zealand Citizens Can Obtain A Visa To Live And Work In Australia

How Family Of New Zealand Citizens Can Obtain A Visa To Live And Work In Australia

Given the close geographical, cultural, and political ties that exist between Australia and New Zealand it is of little surprise that the Australian immigration regulations and criteria that apply to the family of New Zealand citizens differ somewhat from those for citizens of other countries. This is a positive although it can sometimes lead to confusion, especially when some New Zealanders are not aware that the process for their family applying for an Australian visa is different.

The routes towards living, working, and studying in Australia as they relate to visas provide numerous ways family members of New Zealand citizens can make Australia their home. One such visa is the New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa, which has the subclass number, 461. This is also sometimes referred to as the New Zealand Partner Visa as it is used primarily by the partner or spouse of a New Zealander who lives in Australia. For more specific and in-depth information relating to your specific circumstances, we would recommend speaking directly to expert migration agents.

Requirements For the New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa

There are several requirements and criteria that must apply before someone is eligible to apply for this visa.

Relationship Status: The applicant for this visa must either be

  • The spouse of a New Zealand citizen
  • The de facto partner of a New Zealand citizen
  • A child of a New Zealand citizen


7 Medical Conditions That Can Be Diagnosed By Providing Free Health Checks For Your Removalists Staff

7 Medical Conditions That Can Be Diagnosed By Providing Free Health Checks For Your Removalists Staff

Every removalists and office relocations employer should be aware that the health and well-being of their staff play a key role in the success of that business. A workforce that is healthy, both physically and mentally, and which is aware that their employer genuinely cares about their well-being, is going to feel a greater obligation to do their best and work their hardest.

On the other hand, if employees know that their employer sees health and safety as an inconvenience and a cost, rather than a means of investing in their staff and their business, they are going to feel unappreciated and demotivated about their work, which has implications for their mental health.

Assuming you are a removalists employer that falls into the former category, rather than the latter, presumably, you are happy to read about additional ways you can ensure the well-being of your staff is catered for. This includes a desire that all of your employees remain physically fit and mentally healthy.

One of the best ways this can be achieved is by providing your staff with free health checks. These can either be carried out in your workplace via mobile health professionals, or via a scheme that allows them to be seen by a health professional such as their GP, or another health provider.

This should be done with the view that these health checks can identify any health conditions which may occur. The key is that many of them can be treated much more effectively if they are diagnosed early and any applicable treatment started sooner, rather than later.  Some of the most common, and most serious medical conditions can be diagnosed via occupational health checks provided by employers, and here are 7 of them.


5 Important Facts About Dental Implants

5 Important Facts About Dental Implants

Whenever you are considering a treatment or a procedure for a medical condition, including those related to your oral health, finding out as much as you possibly can about them has many advantages. This is certainly in the case of dental implants because most people assume that all they need to know about them is that they will replace their missing tooth or teeth.

Whilst that is certainly the most important reason why you would opt for dental implants, you should never base your decision solely on that fact alone. Instead you should try discovering as much as you can about them, so that before, during and after the procedure you are fully aware of and prepared for all eventualities.

We say that, not to alarm you, nor to imply that dental implants have any inherent danger, but nevertheless the more you know about a medical procedure the greater your peace of mind and the less chance there is of you being surprised when a specific facet of dental impacts comes to your attention.

To aid you along the path to knowing as much about dental implants as possible, we thought it would be useful if we pointed out some of the lesser known facts about dental implants from a Joondalup Dentist. They are lesser known, not because anyone has tried to hides these facts, but merely because they are not mentioned as often when dental implants are being discussed.


Are You Eating Functional Foods?

Are You Eating Functional Foods?

Functional foods are certain foods which are nutrient dense but also serve another purpose or ‘function’ in our bodies. These foods provide health and wellness benefits by reducing risk of certain diseases or health issues. Some basic examples of functional foods are fruits and vegetables which provide our bodies with nutrition but also contain other active components to provide our bodies with further benefits (more…)

What Effects Can Workplace Bullying Have on Health?

What Effects Can Workplace Bullying Have on Health

People who maintain strong mental health and a positive state of mind are much more likely to have an enjoyable, fulfilling life. However, there are numerous things that can impact mental health, including workplace bullying and discrimination.

Despite numerous laws designed to prevent these from happening, they remain common. And they affect thousands of Australian’s every year. In fact, recent studies estimate that as much as 11% of the Australian workforce suffer some form of bullying or harassment, but only a few ever reach out to employment lawyers for help.

In order to deal with the mental health issues this can cause, it’s important to understand them. In the following article, we’ve explored some of the main effects workplace bullying could have on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Mental Health Effects

There are countless mental illnesses that can be exacerbated or triggered by workplace bullying. Understanding them and why they occur is key to preventing and dealing with them. Some of the most common mental health effects of harassment include:

Post traumatic stress disorder – Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a severe illness that can impact the fundamentals of day-to-day life. If you love your work and enjoy what you do, PTSD could hit you hard if your workplace suddenly becomes somewhere where you’re targetted and taken down regularly.