How Moving Can Make You Healthier


Are you the kind of person who seems to get sick all the time? Do you get colds, flu, sinus infections, headaches, hay-fever or asthma, or just feel off colour most of the time? If so, it may be time to move to another location. It doesn’t take that much effort to a book removal company like Brilliance Removalists Perth and shift all your worldly possessions to another place.

So why would moving improve your health? Often, people are allergic to their surroundings and don’t realise it. There could be a lot of dust or smog, pollen or some other thing you are allergic to in the air around you. Moving to another place can change that. But first, it’s a good idea to find out what your allergy is and make sure there is none of that in your new area.


Financial Planning for Loss of Health

Planning for Health

Financial planning encompasses many things from working out how to have enough money for leisure and entertainment through to purchasing a home. When it comes to the topic of health – or rather, lack of it – your financial advisor will also be able to help ensure you have money to cope.

No one knows when illness or disease is going to strike, but if it is a serious illness you won’t be able to work until you are better. This may well mean you lose months of income, something that could mean disaster unless you have planned for it. You may think it would be impossible to cope with no income to pay all those bills, but this is where having a financial planner like Andep is going to really help.


What to Expect When You Visit the Dentist

Visit the Dentist

If you have never been to the candlewood dental centre since your mum made you go in fifth class, you might not even remember what it was like. If you are now an adult, it is well past time you went and had your teeth checked out and the sooner the better. It will ensure any decays are stopped in their tracks and you will have better overall health.

But what can you expect to have done on that first visit?  Unless you have a bad toothache, it is not likely to be a visit where any major work is done. Time has to be spent in examining and advising. So here is what you can expect.

  • First off, the receptionist will want you to fill out some forms to get all your details.
  • Once you are called into the surgery, the dentist will welcome you and ask what the problem is with your teeth. If there isn’t one, you’ll inform them that you just want a check-up.
  • They will then inspect your teeth using a few of their instruments to poke into the crevices and see whether there are any decays.


How a Photo Booth can Boost Your Immune System

Photo Booth

You might think it’s odd that a photo booth can boost your immune system, but it’s true. Whether it’s at a wedding reception or a party, your guests will have so much fun and there will be so much laughter that it will actually boost their immune systems. Studies have proven that having fun and laughing is a great way to do this, in fact, it is nature’s way of ensuring we are healthy.

Few people laugh when they are on their own. It takes a group of friends having fun together to create the wonderful atmosphere of fun and laughter that creates health. When you hire Kiss and Tell Photo Booths it can be set up to take photos – along with humorous props that everyone will want to use, the stage is set for this to happen. There will be lots of laughter; the kind where people laugh with each other, not at each other.


AHELP Program Evaluation Webpage

This webpage has several parts:

  • The Primary Resources page has background information, links to tools and more information on the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health and Mark Friedman’s Results Accountability
  • The CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health page has a step-by-step explanation of this evaluation strategy and links to useful tools for this strategy.
  • The Mark Friedman Results Accountability page has a step-by-step explanation of this evaluation strategy and links to useful tools for this strategy.
  • You can use the Tools Database to search for specific tools.
  • The Evaluation Resources page has links to organizations that promote program evaluation and documents that describe additional strategies for conducting program evaluation.
  • The Evaluation Glossary has definitions for some of the words and terms often used by program evaluators.

Below, you will find some background thoughts and information about program evaluation.

  • Why Evaluate?
  • Program Evaluation standards of practice
  • Before you start
  • What About Data?
  • Ethics