A Fun Way to Burn Calories

Burning Calories

If you are wanting to lose a little weight, burning calories is the way to go. This doesn’t necessarily mean jogging or hitting the gym. In fact going to a party or a wedding where there’s a photo booth and taking funny pictures with your friends can help you burn off more calories than you thought possible. How?  By laughing.

Studies have proven that the act of laughing moves many muscles in the body, raises the heart rate and increases your metabolism, the same as any exercise does. If you can laugh a lot during every day, you will be burning up those calories in a way that will cause weight loss in the nicest way possible. Of course, it will spoil the effect if you reward yourself with an ice-cream sundae with chocolate on top afterwards.

In addition, also laughter helps to reduce blood pressure and has a positive effect on the heart muscle, since it increases the flow of blood. Studies and research on the effects of laughter on the human body have shown that having 15 minutes of laughter a day is just as important as 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

The health benefits of laughter are wide-ranging and quite amazing when you start to delve into it.  It is not just a myth either to say that laughter is the best medicine. Studies on the results of laughter have been done in many countries and all have come up with many positive health benefits of having a good laugh.

Of course, laughing is not considered to be a weight loss practice by itself, but it certainly helps you to burn calories and if you combine it with a bit of exercise you’ll notice the difference in no time. Beside, laughing is a fun thing to do and makes you feel good for a long time afterwards. The health benefits have been proven to remain in the body for over 24 hours.

If you are a party person, always see if there’s a photo booth and have fun with it, taking photos with your friends. That is what it’s there for after all. You can assure them it’s a good way to lose a little weight as well as having a great time.

There are many other ways to laugh and if your life has been a little short of laughter lately, it might improve your mood –and your weight – to do some of them. They include –

  • Reading comedies or watching them on television
  • Socialising with other people who love fun and laughter
  • Listening to jokes and telling them yourself
  • Reading a joke book
  • Having someone tickle you – so long as that makes you laugh
  • Looking at funny animal pictures