Is Online Dating For Desperate Singles

Online Dating For Desperate Singles

It is a myth that online dating is just for desperate singles and people who are not serious or very good-looking.

Online dating is for everyone, who wants a friend or love of a person to lean on and share their lives with whom they can date and live happily in love.

Since online dating has no barriers like age, gender, community, etc. it can have a scope for anyone. The myth, that online dating is for desperate singles is not completely wrong, but could be reframed as ‘online dating is for desperate singles as well, because there are quite a number of singles, who seek desperately to date online’. Lets put it like this that there is one segment of people, who would desperately like to date online.

If you are single and desperate too and don’t know, what not to do in your isolation, then here are a few things that would make you aware that you are desperate and would guide you on what you are not supposed to do while online dating and that is not:

• Giving false information about your marital or relationship status
• Exchanging fake photographs as your identity
• Talking about sex on the first day of dating
• Quoting statements like,” I’ll love you forever” or “ I miss you on the first day of dating”
• Interacting with more than one person at the same time, in order to choose the best and saying same things to all of them
• Interacting only with opposite gender, who are interested in you
• Pestering person to meet offline, if closely located
• Talking vulgar and bragging about getting physical with several others
• Continues mailing and sending offline messages to a person
• Waiting for a person eagerly everyday online.
• Asking a person out (proposing) without knowing the person too well

Try to keep your eagerness or anxiety on a low profile, in order to fetch attention and not love, rather than getting tagged as a “despo” and eventually getting rejected. Even if you look good and have a very dazzling profile, but act desperate, then there are lots of chances of getting discarded by people you like to approach.