How a Photo Booth can Boost Your Immune System

Photo Booth

You might think it’s odd that a photo booth can boost your immune system, but it’s true. Whether it’s at a wedding reception or a party, your guests will have so much fun and there will be so much laughter that it will actually boost their immune systems. Studies have proven that having fun and laughing is a great way to do this, in fact, it is nature’s way of ensuring we are healthy.

Few people laugh when they are on their own. It takes a group of friends having fun together to create the wonderful atmosphere of fun and laughter that creates health. When you hire photo booths it can be set up to take photos – along with humorous props that everyone will want to use, the stage is set for this to happen. There will be lots of laughter; the kind where people laugh with each other, not at each other.

The health benefits of laughter

It’s important to have that kind of fun on a regular basis. While weddings may not come along all that often, when there is the opportunity to indulge in such fun you should participate wherever possible. People usually go to more parties than weddings so this provides them with the opportunity to have fun with their friends.

If you have the opportunity to organise a wedding or a party, why not suggest adding a photo booth to increase the fun for the guests. Once everyone has tired of dancing and the meal is finished, they can start on having their photos taken and increase their fun. Having a good laugh releases tension from the muscles and keeps them relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

After laughter, stress hormones are decreased and your immune cells make more infection fighting anti-bodies.  So the saying that laughter is the best medicine is true. But how does it do this?

  • The act of laughing actually massages a part of the lymphatic system to stimulate it to remove waste from the body.
  • Laughing also makes you breathe more vigorously and the diaphragm flutters up and down at a quick rate, creating negative pressure on the thoracic duct. This increases the flow of lymphatic fluid by up to 15 times its normal rate.
  • The increased flow stimulates the body to produce more anti-bodies, lymphocytes and other good things your body needs for good health.

Have you ever had a good belly laugh and notices how much better you feel afterwards? Laughing is also a mood-improver. So simply having fun and laughing with friends is something that will make you much healthier than staying at home alone is likely to do. That is why adding such a normal-seeming object as a photo booth to your wedding reception or party is such a good thing to do.