Dating: Things To Do To Get Yourself Noticed


When you think of a title for a profile, put it in such a way that it aptly describes you and at the same time makes you look more interesting. It should be a small sentence rather, charming nonetheless. Something like “Hot Rod Needin Some Smeltin” is just a bit too, well, you know what. Instead, you can put a better title like “Dinner is on me” or perhaps “Fresh flowers Everyday”.

These perfectly worded profile titles make you come across as a rather romantic guy which is exactly what chics dig these days. You can even turn towards your friends for help in this matter by asking them to point out the most catching feature in your personality and work around it to come up with a catchy heading.

Brainstorming is the key here and when you come up with some catchy names, you’re all set to go. Well, that’s that for the title, now moving on to your profile picture. Please don’t post up images of Brad Pitt or George Clooney up there, we all know what they look like and what they looked like 10 years ago even. So put on your picture, the one that captures your personality the most (anything but a baby pic!).

Let’s see, a picture of you playing with your dog is surely a lady killer, but make sure you love pets for that because the chic might be looking for just that. Then of course there is the column where you have to fill in the hobbies and interests. Please don’t go on filling that you love wrestling with tigers, hunting and stuff like that. Keep it subtle like you’re a guy, who likes long walks on the beach, traveling, etc. This keeps you in a safe spot.

So there you have it, these are the things you should remember if you don’t get any response online, it’s fun, try your hand at it, chances are you’ll be having a busy weekend with the lucky