How to Get Fit Without Really Trying

health benefits of being fit

Much is said about the health benefits of being fit. When you are truly fit your body can work the way it was meant to and you will enjoy your life a whole lot more. You won’t have to puff and gasp every time you go up stairs, you will have the endurance to cope with all the busyness life throws at you and your body will be able to throw off flu and colds more easily. The latter on its own is well worth the exercise you need to do to get fit.

However, it is not easy to find time to get fit. If you are a mother of toddlers who also works outside of the home you will never have a minute to call your own. Don’t despair; you too can get fit – if you are not already. Simply lifting that toddler up and down will give you arm muscles that you didn’t know you could have without intensive workouts in the gym.

What are some other ways to get fit? Vacuuming the floor will certainly help you become fit. It’s a bit like weight training, only you are pushing the weight around instead of lifting it up. Doesn’t matter; your body is moving and that is what counts. You will also be stretching your body as you vacuum the cobwebs off the walls and ceilings and reach under the beds to get those dust bunnies, not to mention lifting wet sheets and towels out of the washer and up onto the clothesline.

Shopping is another form of exercise. You not only walk around the supermarket for about an hour, you have to carry those bags of groceries to the car and lift them into the boot. That is more arm exercise.  Taking your children to the park will give them plenty of exercise, but you will be pushing that laden-down swing, lifting children onto play equipment and catching them as they come down the slide. Who said raising children didn’t allow time for exercise?

But what if you don’t have children? There are still plenty of ways to work exercise into your daily life. Walk to the store if that is safe and possible, otherwise you might consider cycling to work instead of driving, walking up stairs, parking the car a little further away from your destination so you have to walk more and so on.

It is a good idea to arrange to go out with your girlfriends for a coffee and have it in the park so you get a chance to walk around. Take a Frisbee with you for some fun exercise, get together a walking group and schedule regular walks or jogs each weekend. Go dancing! There are many ways to exercise while having fun.