How To Train For the City To Surf


Sydney’s fun run popularly known as the city to surf is run from the centre of Sydney to the east of Bondi Beach, a distance of 14km. Some go for fun, while others have the more serious goal of winning, or at least of testing themselves to see if they come in ahead of last year’s time. With around 80,000 participants the fun run is exceeding its popularity each year. Still others go just as a way to give to charity, which is the main aim of the run, after all.

How you train for the city to surf will depend on your goals. If you want to win, your training schedule will necessarily be harder than if you just want to complete the course without embarrassment.  Every run you do, whether training or competing, should begin with a warm up and end with a cool down.

These times are when you jog slowly or you may even start at a walk, then increase to a slow jog before increasing the pace yet again. The cool down is a reverse of the warm up, done at the end of the race or training run. Doing this will help to prevent muscles and tendons from being damaged with sudden, quick movement.

So, do your warm up, gradually increase the pace until you are running too quickly to have a conversation, then ease off to recover for a short time before increasing the pace again. This is a good repetition to follow before finally cooling down at the end of training.

If you are serious about running any race you should set a goal of training each week and do regular runs – daily is best, but if you have to work you may not have time. However, running up stairs is a really good way to train, so if you usually take an elevator, try using the stairs instead.

Running at a gym is another way to get in enough running time. At least you can run on their machines at night without being worried about your safety. It is also a good idea to do other exercises such as cardio workouts and squats that will tone your heart, lungs and legs and give you endurance.

Training is not all about exercise. You need to get good sleep of at least 8 hours each night so your muscles have time to recover and you feel more energetic. A healthy diet is another requirement because when you are pushing your body to its limits, it requires much more fuel than if you were sitting in a chair all day. Don’t worry about gaining weight as you will be sure to burn it off. But remember when you stop training to adjust your diet accordingly. You won’t need nearly as many calories.