Why Dieting Often Doesn’t Work

Why Dieting Often Doesn’t Work

Many people have tried dieting over and over again with the same results – nothing. Or if they lose a little weight they put it on again as soon as they go off the diet. This is a natural thing to happen, because once you go off that diet you start eating unhealthy choices again; foods that are high in fat, sugar and calories.

In some cases, dieting doesn’t work because you really don’t keep to it. You may think that you are on a diet, but in actual fact you sneak that snack in order to reward yourself for keeping to a diet you don’t especially like. You may even make that extra snack part of the diet and think it won’t matter – but it does. A diet has a controlled number of calories and if you exceed this then you cannot expect to lose weight to any great extent.

Some people go on a diet that is so restrictive that it makes them feel tired all the time. Then they cannot exercise like they should and so there is no exercise to burn off the calories that they take in. It is only when they break the diet and have a snack high in sugar that they get a burst of energy that can be used to do some exercise – but just as often is not. The result is that they don’t lose weight; they may even gain more.

So what is the best way to lose weight? The best way is to eat healthy meals, cut back on fats and sugars and do it all the time.  Healthy eating should be part of your lifestyle, not something you adopt for a few weeks or months in order to lose weight. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit and less of things like cake, sugar and fat will ensure that you don’t gain weight. Cutting out sugar will certainly make you healthier.

What people often don’t realise is the accumulative effect of their daily sweet snack. Just one cup of coffee with one teaspoon of sugar in it per day it doesn’t sound like much. But in a week that mounts up to 7 teaspoons of sugar.  That is 30/31 teaspoons per month, not counting any other sources of sugar. Now if you place 30 teaspoons of sugar out on a plate or saucer you will see just how much that is by amount and it may shock you.

Or it may inspire you to go without sugar in your coffee. Losing that much sugar per month is surely going to take some weight off.  It is easier to train your taste by reducing the amount of sugar gradually.  Use just half a teaspoon until you like the taste of that, then reduce it by half again. In a month or two you may wonder why you ever liked sugar in your coffee.