7 Benefits of Bali as a Holiday Destination

Bali as a Holiday Destination

Bali is a popular holiday destination for many people because it is not all that far as overseas trips go, and so you get to spend more time on holidaying and less time on travelling. But there are many other benefits of visiting Bali for a holiday. Here are some of them.

  • Bali has affordable accommodation for those on a budget. It also has luxurious accommodation for those that want to give themselves a treat. You can also get somewhere in the middle if you choose Easy Bali Villas for your accommodation which is like staying in a real house. There are villas to suit any number of people up to about 10 which makes a holiday with mates much more fun – and affordable if they all pay their share.

  • There are a good variety of attractions, so everyone can have fun. Surfers, divers and swimmers will all find what they want most on some of the great beaches in Bali. People who love theme parks will be impressed with some of the longest water slides ever, while those who like to check out the local wildlife have plenty of opportunity to do so – they can even ride and help care for an elephant. You can also visit a live volcano if you are up to the challenge.
  • If you want to go shopping you’ll have great fun in Bali, but if you like exploring wilderness areas you certainly won’t be left out as there are plenty such places.
  • The people of Bali are friendly, polite and welcoming. They do all they can to make you feel welcome and help you to enjoy yourself.
  • The food in Bali is fantastic, but you can also get Australian type meals if you can’t do without your usual steak or whatever.

  • Generally speaking, it is safe to holiday in Bali. Of course, you can do many things to make it unsafe if you are stupid, such as getting drunk, taking drugs, being in a dark place alone at night and so on. The same applies to any country.
  • Bali offers several different climate choices. You can enjoy the heat and humidity of the coastal areas which is fine for swimming, or go into the mountains – perhaps to Ubud; the coconut ice-cream is to die for – for a change of air and cooler nights.

So you can see why Bali is the chosen holiday destination for so many people. Whether you go as a single, a couple, a family or a group you are sure to have a great deal of fun, with all the many things to do and see, from monkeys, temples and jungles through to the urban jungles and all they offer.