What to Consider When Engraving

What to Consider When Engraving

Visiting your favourite Perth Jeweller is always a special occasion. Often, you walk out with a beautiful little gift box containing something you’ve wanted for a long time, which always offers the feel-good factor. If, however, your visit this time is to buy a beautiful piece then engrave it for someone else, then prepare for it to mean even more than it usually does. Here are a few things to consider before you get the engraving process underway.

Jewellery Type

It makes sense for the first consideration to relate to what you are buying. Is it a ring for engagement, marriage, or friendship? Is it a bangle or bracelet for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or, is it a watch to celebrate a momentous occasion, such as buying a new house or getting a promotion at work? Engraving is suitable for all types of events, but you first need to buy a piece of jewellery that will suit.

What You’re Going to Say

Before you even step foot in a jewellers, put time into what you’re going to say. Remember, it can’t be a long paragraph or even a sentence. You often only have room for a few words, so make them count. A ring features typically a few simple words surrounding love or even initials. You have a bit more space on a bangle, but it’s limited once again on a watch. Focus on the meaning of the present and the words should flow freely.

Font Style

The font style you choose for the engraving on your jewellery can often depend on the recipient and the occasion. Wedding rings and other romantic pieces tend to look beautiful with a script font. If you are buying something for a friend, or an event such as a job promotion, then a standard, classy font will be suitable as well.

Time Frame

Finally, when you have a brainwave and decide you are going to see jewellers about buying something then engraving it, consider how much time you have until the special event. While most jewellers do everything they can to engrave your watches, rings, and bracelets in a timely fashion, it might not be immediate. If you’re on a strict schedule, you may even like to phone in advance and find out if they can cater to your needs.

Giving someone a piece of jewellery is a token of gratitude and love all on its own. Often, the gift wrap, the thought you put into it, and the price tag can all speak a thousand words anyway. However, the addition of kind words and engraving can often make whatever you give mean so much more. If you are considering buying that special person in your life something beautiful from your local jewellers, then think how well-received it will be if you personalise it with heartfelt words.