The 3 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


There are many different types of cosmetic surgery and these days more people than ever are exploring what options are available to help them look their best.

Having cosmetic surgery is usually considered ‘optional’ but in some cases it is a necessity. For instance, if your nose has been badly broken due to an injury, cosmetic surgery will restore its shape back to what it once was, or near to it.

But what are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures done today?

Here are the top 3.

  • Breast surgery. This is most often breast augmentation, or increasing the size of the breasts. This will be accomplished by using inserts to make the breasts appear larger. However, it can also be breast reduction for those women to whom nature has been over-generous. Heavy or large breasts can cause tiredness, neck and shoulder aches and a general feeling of not being well. That’s not all; in some cases the breasts are the right size, but not the right shape. Cosmetic surgery can lift or tuck sagging breasts to make you more attractive, especially on the beach.