5 Dog Coat Types And How They Should Be Groomed

5 Dog Coat Types And How They Should Be Groomed

How you should approach dog grooming for your beloved pet, unfortunately, does necessarily depend on how you want them to look, or even their personality, but the type of coat they have. This invariably will be determined by the breed of dog they are. Whilst some general dog grooming principles apply to all dogs, many of their grooming needs will depend on the dog’s coat type.

For this reason, it is important to know what type of coat your dog has, and it is a fact that many dog owners are unsure how they should categorise it. If you are in any doubt too, the best person to ask is a dog groomer who will know exactly what type of coat your dog has based on the dog’s breed and by seeing it when they examine your dog. From this, they can advise on and implemented the best grooming regime to suit your dog.

In truth, different groomers will identify more cog coat types than others which means that whilst one dog groomer might classify one dog as having a long, silky coat, another might just call it long. This can lead to some confusion for dog owners but be assured that the categorisation is not as crucial as a professional dog groomer knowing exactly how to groom your dog’s coat.

To give you a heads up on some of the main dog coat types and their basic grooming needs, below are some examples