Landscape Design Challenges to Overcome

Landscape Design Challenges to Overcome

One of the primary reasons homeowners decide to focus on landscape design is to solve a problem. They might not have somewhere lovely to sit outside with family, no privacy, or issues with drainage or general aesthetics.

All these problems must have solutions, but finding those solutions is a challenge all on its own. Below, you can learn more about the most common landscape design challenges and how they can be entirely solvable.

Slopes and Hills

If you live on a steep street, you will be all too familiar with the challenges of trying to make your property look nice. You can’t just plant a flat garden since there’s simply no flat area available.

With the help of a Sydney landscape architect, or even just some research on your own, you can come up with some solutions to combat slopes and hills. One of the most common options is retaining walls. These can assist with soil stability and stabilisation while also being lovely seating areas.

Terraced levels are also another preference for many people, as is just letting the slope exist as it is with groundcover plants to add beauty and soil stability.