6 Physical Signs of Money Stress

6 Physical Signs of Money Stress

Your financial advisors may tell you that some of the most noticeable signs that you’re struggling with your money are that you don’t have enough of it to cover your bills and you’re not finding it easy to prioritise your payments or even consider retirement planning.

However, the signs of money stress can go far beyond what’s immediately apparent by looking at your accounts. It can start to present itself as physical signs of stress, such as these below.


Anything can cause a headache, such as a sensitised brainstem and triggers like particular food and beverages, exercise, and travel. However, money stress is most certainly something that can see the onset of a headache.

A study involving 267 people experiencing chronic headaches determined that in 45 percent of cases, a stressful event preceded it. Stress intensity was also thought to be linked to an increase in how many headaches some people experienced each month.


It can sometimes feel like you’ve just got over a cold or the ‘flu before you’re immediately back under the bed covers once more. A weakened immune system that makes you more susceptible to some illnesses can be caused by stress.