Why Sunshine is Important for Health

Sunbathing Outdoor

It is a sad fact of life that many people nowadays shun the sun due to concerns about skin cancer – and the marketing about various sunscreen products that is very one-sided. But sun is a giver of life and health for plants and for people. Without sufficient sunlight on your skin there is the risk that vitamin D levels will be so low as to cause bad health problems. Without sunshine, your body clock finds it difficult to tell you when to rest so your nights may be spent tossing and turning.

When you work inside all day it’s important to spend time lounging on your outdoor furniture in the sun and to forget that sunscreen occasionally.  Of course you should wear it when the sun is really hot and if you are going to be out all day, to prevent sunburn. But when it is before 10am or after 4pm or if you are only going to be outside for a little while, there is no need for sunscreen.