Important Advice For Parents Of Toddlers Who Do Not Speak

One of the reasons why parents of a toddler will contact a speech therapy centre for advice is when they fear their child has language issues as they are not speaking. For parents of toddlers who show no inclination to speak it can be worrisome, especially when other toddlers the child mixes with, seem quite happy to chat away, even if not everything they say makes perfect sense.

The first advice we would give is that if your toddler has reached 18 months and is not saying any words, then have them assessed by a speech pathologist. What a speech and language assessment will do is indicate if a toddler requires speech therapy.

If your toddler’s assessment indicates speech therapy for them, please do not panic. Children all develop at different rates and each element of their development will differ from other children of a similar age. Simply needing speech therapy does not mean your child is in any way “backward” or has learning deficiencies that will hinder their long term education.