Sustainable Textiles: Why Choose Linen Bed sheets

linen bedding

If you are beginning to see the value in sustainability, then you will no doubt be delving into every aspect of your life, wondering what you could be doing, using, and purchasing, differently. We can all make a significant impact on the health of the world, but it does take a lot of forethought, research, and planning.

While you’re busy cutting plastic out of your life and growing your own vegetables, have you thought about your bed sheets? Believe it or not, linen bed sheets are a sustainable textile that offers a whole host of benefits.

People often make the mistake of purchasing whatever bed sheets are on sale and are of the size they need. They may even try and match them to their bedroom’s décor with no thought for the materials.

By doing that, you can set yourself up for disaster. Some sheets don’t feature breathable materials, nor are they beneficial for your body or skin. Many also feature a lot of synthetic materials that may not be all that comfortable or can suffer durability issues. Then, there’s the problem with inferior quality materials slipping around, making you itch, and just not sitting right on your bed! There’s a lot to be said for natural materials instead.

Believe it or not, linen bedding can be around twice as durable as sheets and covers made with cotton. While the initial purchase price of cotton sheets and other materials may see you choose them over the slightly more expensive linen variety, you will see they pay for themselves in the long run anyway.

Linen sheets are also environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and come from flax, which is a renewable resource. While manufacturers are turning flax into sheets, they are also using the seeds for lino, paint, linseed oil, and more.

The linen creation process undergoes many steps, including growing, harvesting, retting, dressing, spinning, and weaving. While it starts out as coarse strands, it ends up as desirable and luxurious bed sheets, clothing, and other products that people adore.

The environmentally-friendliness and sustainability are two standout features for making the transition from other sheet materials to linen, but there are even more to be discovered.

Linen sheets are anti-allergic, bacteria-resistant, and have a unique filtering system. They have a light massaging effect, heat-conductive properties, and a lovely texture that gets softer and softer with each wash. If you struggle with sensitive skin, then the sheets’ natural pH balance can have a surprising effect on your skin’s softness as well.

If you’re not quite ready to wash your linen sheets and use up unnecessary water, then you don’t have to. The dirt-repelling and moisture-absorbing properties equate to a longer lifespan between washes.

Linen sheets are a popular product that hotels and motels around the world provide for their patrons. Why not enjoy hotel-quality bedding in your own home, while doing your part for the environment? It might be time to invest in some linen bedding for yourself.