What SEO Services Do I Need To Help My Life Coaching Business Rank On Search Engines

What SEO Services Do I Need To Help My Life Coaching Business Rank On Search Engines

If you run a life coaching business and are unhappy with the rankings of your website, it is likely that you need to instigate search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is known. Whenever they are creating this kind of campaign, SEO Perth Experts always advise that there are several key SEO elements that must be included to make it effective.

Whilst those below are not every task in any one specific SEO campaign, if it includes all of these then it is the basis for ensuring that a website will rank higher and that the life coach that owns that website will be more likely to see many additional prospects get in touch to enquire about their training and consulting.

Researching Keywords

When you are trying to rank a website you are doing so for individual keywords or phrases, but the optimisations to help rank for them can only be done if you know which keywords you wish to target. Keyword research is the foundation for most SEO, and we can discover the most effective keywords by using keyword research tools, and by analysing other life coaching websites which currently rank highly on Google.

Backlink Building

One of the services your SEO agency will have near the top of their list is an effective link building strategy. Linking to your life coaching websites from other websites helps Google to identify what you are trying to rank for. If these sites are authority websites within your niche, then some of their power is passed along to your website, giving it yet another boost with respect to where it ranks.

Ensuring All The Metadata Is In Place

Google uses a number of methods to identify what a website is about, and thereafter what keyword searches it is trying to rank for. When Google sends out its ‘spiders‘, which are bots that travel at light speed through the internet, there are certain elements that need to be in place when they analyse your website.

The main ones are the metadata which includes the title of the website and each page,  the description of pages, and headers within content that will include certain keywords. This all needs to be optimised as part of an SEO campaign, otherwise, Google will not be clear as to what you are trying to rank for.

High Quality Content

One of Google’s overriding goals is that it wants those who search on it to find as close as possible what they were searching when they click through to a website and that they find something worthwhile.

On your life coaching website, there needs to relevant and high-quality content relating to that subject. It cannot be any old content, nor can it simply be copied and pasted from another website. It beggars belief that some website owners try to get away with that, and even more so, when they know it will negatively impact their ranking, and most likely see them sued for breach of copyright.

User Experience Optimisation

As well as having great content for visitors to your website, you also want to ensure that it functions as it should, looks great, and that the overall user experience is a good one. This means visitors will stay on the site longer, and when Google sees that it is another boost to your ranking score. There is also the likelihood that a great experience means they are more likely to purchase products or services for sale on your website.